McSweeny’s Nihilist Startup Haikus

Am I in the scope?
Aren’t we all client facing?
I die in Q4

Pivot your self worth
Rebrand with your therapist
Illusion of choice

Set up a touch base
Can we take this offline?
Regroup with no one

Pure gold. Evil, true, beautiful gold. Nihilist startup haikus from McSWEENY’S.

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A Whole Lot of Package

Kenneth Kalmer makes a pretty convincing point here. Compared to what counts as a standard development and production stack nowadays, the The JVM is not that heavy. A stack that for the web dev community once symbolized the clumsiness bulkiness of “classic” software dev, feels “light” in comparison to what we typically have to handle in our projects.

As I have recently upgraded my standard stack in a side-project, I could not agree more. Yes, package managers and task runners and pre-, post- and side-processors, linters, normalizers and minifiers make some tasks easier. But some others painstakingly hard. While progress is all nice and good, sometimes you think, back in the days, we made it work with a lot less fancy toolstuff.

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Concious Communication

On Hitting it Off in Communication

There are few skills as crucial in regards to communication as the ability to hit the right level of abstraction. No matter if you write a status report, participate in a meeting or just call somebody, hitting the right level of abstraction will make all the difference between succeeding and failing at making yourself understood.

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If ($Query == “Does Not Work”) Return “GTFO!”

If you’re telling a programmer that a particular piece of source code simply “does not work”, then you should no longer consider yourself a programmer.

Bugs suck. Dealing with bugs sucks. But there is no need to make this harder than it already is. Great (and bold) plea by Nick Griffith plea for a sensible approach to reporting bugs and issues in other peoples code: Does Not Work.

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