How to Work Remote and be Awesome at it

What’s the base of negotiating hostage situations, trying out exotic sex practices and working remote?Communication, communication, communication… Working with each other is about communicating with each other. Which is even more true, if you are not in the same room, floor or building. Paradoxically, the harder it get’s to communicate, the more you need to do it. Remote work is not less, but more communication, as you need to compensate for a lack of physical presence by over-communicating.

Acknowledging this fact is the first step. Meeting this challenge for remote work with some great ideas and deliberate effort is the second one.

A Toolbox For Working Remote

For inspiration in regards to processes and tools check out TailorDev’s setup. They rely heavily on asynchronous communication via Slack and Github, use a pretty neat bot as a mini-command line and communication advocate as well as an interesting mail app to better structure communication and enhance transparency.

Three Principles For Working Remote

The three principles of remote work at Groove are also worth a look: 1) Recreating the Water Cooler, 2) Setting A Regular Meeting Rhythm and 3) Hiring Great Remote People. While a virtual water cooler (Slack, again ;)) helps with everything from getting status to bonding personally, short, structured meetings will help getting everybody on the same page professionally. For “Hiring Great Remote People”, well, that’s simply a banality hiding a more interesting insight:

Working Remote: It’s All About Attitude

“[Remote] is a mindset first, following by great tools and processes. It does not work because we are a small team, it works because we do everything we can to make it work.”