Water Melon Green

“He does know, we are 6 weeks behind schedule, right? – Well, I’m not going to be the one, who tells him, we are that far behind…”

Repeated on every level, this is the simple mechanism enabling projects to get incredibly, absurdly late, expensive and under performing without anybody noticing, or, to be more precise: Wanting a superior to notice.

A Recipe for Disaster

Every time a team member decides it is the better choice not to notify her superior about an issue this is a crisis in the making. Every time a superior decides not to want to know about an issue, or even punishing the messenger, he encourages a culture that makes the imminent problems ever harder to solve. Until there is no going back and it all ends with a catastrophe or a very, very close call.

You are Going to Fail – Deal with It

If people refuse to take responsibility or worse, punish others for doing so, it is going to make your project fail, in one way or another, sooner or later. Projects are hard, planning is hard, there will be delays, dead ends and workarounds, let’s acknowledge and deal with it, openly and transparently.

Loved all three seasons of Silicon Valley, by the way.