The Super App: Pattern For Emerging Markets

Super apps may enjoy a distinct advantage in markets with the following characteristics: cost-conscious consumers with low but growing purchasing power, high relative costs of internet data, relatively recent adoption of smartphones, and ‘mobile-first’ leapfrogging of the PC era.

Interesting analysis into how and why, after first appearing in Chinas and India with WeChat and Gojek, the Super App pattern - with one app as an ecosystem, instead of an ecosystem of apps like in “the West” - seems to repeat in other emerging markets across Asia and Africa.

Make It Go Faster

Despite connections getting faster and faster and devices getting stronger and stronger, it appears the web is becoming slower and slower. As sites, apps, media and ads (especially ads) grow ever more ambitious, ever more featureful and sluggishly optimized, browsing turns to an exercise similar to commuting in the midst of rush hour stop-and-go, with every click bringing the browser to a gruding halt. Jake Archibald found a nice angle on the irony behind this, by measuring and analyzing page speeds of Formula 1 racing teams websites.