Enabling Transformation Through VOICE

How can you successfully transform an organization towards more agile and lean ways of working? According to Jon Smart, by letting your people develop VOICE.

Values - Together with your org establish basic values and principles, what makes you and your business tick? Based on your organizations context derive appropriate practices.

Outcomes - Next define your desired outcomes and provide a reason why and purpose associated with these. “Agility”, “Lean”, “Digitalization” are means not ends!

Intent - Replace command and control with alignment and autonomy, provide your teams with clear direction, then serve to enable them. Also: Start your agile transformation at the top, not the bottom your leadership is team no 1.

Coaching - As you will encounter difficulties on this journey, be willing to provide coaching and support, deal with impediments, adapt to your specific circumstances.

Experimentation - Be willing to set, test and discard hypotheses for solving problems. Visualize work to provide a base for measurement (in the broadest sense). Stabilize the situation by reducing work in progress. Optimize for throughput via experiments. Learn and adapt.