Better Value - Sooner, Safer, Happier

Still wonderingvwhen your org will finally reap the benefits of agile? When you will get better value sooner, safer and happuer? This talk by Jon Smart holds a couple of really good pointers (Maybe skip the intro).

Some notes/highlights for future reference:

  1. Focus on outcomes, what outcomes? Better = quality, value (OKR), sooner = lead time, throughput, flow efficieny, safer= compliance, agile not fragile, happier = colleagues/customers
  2. Achieve big through small
  3. Invite instead of inflict change
  4. Leadership is team #1 Most senior must start Psychological safety Intent based leadership
  5. Build the right thing (!) Portfolio, Value streams (long lived products and teams), outcome hypothesis (bets), super interesting
  6. Build the thing right (!) Speed and control, not speed or control, framework to translate business outcomes into product releases
  7. Go slower to go faster Get the direction, then grasp current condition, establish target condition, conduct experiments to get there (Improvement Kata) “Impediments are not in the path, impediments are the path”